"Children may be clean and kind from their first year of life if we bring them up to be so from the very beginning." - Heraclitus

When time is pressing, when all your needs are important, when you are busy, who can keep your environment clean, airy and who can keep you in high spirits?
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Integrated Professional Services

The space where spend the most time is one of the most important investments.
Keep it in good shape appealing to the services offered by WHITE TEAM.
Our Services:
- Industrial cleaning
- Cleaning containers, modular constructions, halls
- Mechanized cleaning, washing and polishing hard surfaces
- Civil cleaning
- Cleaning after works of renovation or of building
- Cleaning moquettes and various types of floors
- Cleaning buildings, including buildings owned by housing associations
- Cleaning and maintenance of glass facades
- Facade cleaning and maintenance of facades and illuminated signs
- Cleaning at exhibitions, trade fairs and other public events
- Outdoors cleaning of green areas and industrial alleys
- Property management
- Maintaining and cleaning private parking lots

You cannot do everything on your own?
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E-mail: office@whiteteam.ro
Address: Bd-ul Iuliu Maniu Nr. 57, Sector 6, Bucharest, Romania