About Us

 The company White Team was started as an alternative to classical cleaning services.
  Society and environment are in continuous change. Personal needs are higher and higher, as are the standards we use to evaluate us and other cleaning service providers. This is why everything around us makes us feel optimistic. In an environment marked by a lot of harmful factors, such as pollution, all kinds of refuse, industrialisation effects, lack of green areas, White Team supports freedom of movement, physical exercises, all in a clean and healthy environment which favours the health of the individual and, consequently, of the whole society.
  The motto "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano" cause us to think and act to clean the dirt that gathered around us. Thus, we contribute to the improvement of overall health and protect the environment. We are constantly aiming at doing our work in an efficient and professional way, being serious and rigourous first of all with ourselves. Our clients’ satisfied look is our greatest satisfaction.
  The company has the technology and personnel necessary to perform the service of cleaning homes, offices or after construction, meaning in all areas where this indispensable activity is necessary.